The Royal Chace Hotel, Enfield. London
6th July, 2016

TBUK would like to say a great big thank you to everyone who attended the TBUK 2016 Summit. We hope you all found it enjoyable and informative.


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This summit, aimed at improving the awareness of timebanking presented speakers from all areas of timebanking, including the C.E.O. of Timebanking UK, Partners, Time bank brokers and Time bank members.

It showcased how timebanking can be used to strengthen communities and creating social support between people; the benefits of which improve self-esteem and confidence, decrease social isolation and tackle inequalities. By using the premis that timebanking is all inclusive with everyone's time being equal, breaking down barriers and increase collaborative working. Based on reciprocity where people exchange time in hundreds of ways to meet social and health needs, this interaction leads to a growth of social capital and mutual learning between people.

This was a fantastic opportunity with delegates gaining valuable information on the future of service delivery and enabling communities.

Timebanking UK are the national custodians of timebanking across the UK. With over 15 years' experience in supporting time banks, we develop networks by providing essential training, software, safeguarding policies and procedures and start up materials.

We are proud to promote the proven health and wellbeing benefits of co-produced communities which strengthen statutory services and boost economic growth. There is extensive evidence that connected and empowered communities are healthy communities.

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Summit 2016

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